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Teen & Parent Membership Club

Navigating Pathways to Independence

FreeFlight’s mission is to empower teens to define success on their own terms and launch successfully into adulthood while also creating a community of parents that feel informed, optimistic, and supported as they walk alongside teens in their chosen path.

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The Problem


An increasing number of teens aren’t prepared for life after high school because we are not focusing on what is important. Teens spend too much time worried, stressed or stuck.

Top experts in adolescent health warn about soaring rates of mental health challenges among children.


Parents struggle with striking a balance between pushing teens to succeed VS encouraging them to find their own path

Parents unintentionally convey messages that indicate teens are not capable and that get in the way of authentically connecting and being supportive.

A Better Way

FreeFlight: Launchpad for Life

A multi-year self-discovery program for middle and high school teens to come together with parents as a parent-teen affinity group

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Define success on your own terms
Acquire critical skills for adult life
Supportive, non-judgmental community


Broaden outlook on success
Nurture teen individuality and independence
Increased connection and community

FreeFlight Benefits for Teens

framework for success with meaningful work, free time and wellness
self-awareness, personal core values
self-advocacy, communication, decision making skills
from role models with alternative career paths

FreeFlight Strategies for Parents

misconceptions on success and self-worth, peer pressure
teens as they are instead of what we wish them to be
language that connects with and motivates teens
with other parents on how best to support our teens

Expert Perspective

Dr. Leena Khanzode
Founder/Director, Taarika Foundation
Child, Adolescent and Adult Psychiatrist

Parent + Teen

Ahladhini – Parent
Anoushka – Teen
Skill Building Summer Camp for Middle Schoolers – Mon 7/31 to Fri 8/4
Join us at a Virtual info session on FreeFlight – Wed Aug 17th or Wed Aug 24th at 8pm