Terms and Conditions

Thank you for participating in FreeFlight, an initiative of A Future for Every Child (AFEC). AFEC is a non-profit with limited funding, so we ask that you read this form so that you understand our respective rights and duties.

Member Requirements

You understand FreeFlight is a parent-child club and requires participation of one parent/guardian along with the child(ren) at each session. To get the maximum benefit from the club, we encourage that the members not miss more than one session.

You understand that the information provided in FreeFlight sessions represents the collective wisdom, based on experience and research, of many parents. They are meant to serve as a guide and not as a substitute for professional expertise.

COVID Safety

AFEC has put in place certain preventive and safety measures to reduce the spread of COVID-19. However, AFEC cannot guarantee that you or your child will not become infected with COVID-19 through participation in any of its FreeFlight activities (including, but not limited to indoor and outdoor events, and field trips). You understand the contagious nature of COVID-19 and acknowledge and agree that AFEC is not responsible and will be held harmless and is now released by you for any action arising out of the general inherent risk that such a contagion may create due to participation in AFEC’s program.

Hold Harmless Provision

You also agree to hold AFEC harmless and to release AFEC from all claims arising out of your and your child’s participation in FreeFlight, except for intentional or grossly negligent conduct of AFEC and/or its agents.


We may be taking photographs or video recordings of some of the activities and, if you object to the use of such likeness of you and/or your child, you must let us know before you and/or your child participate so that we may take appropriate steps to segregate you and/or your child during such activities. If you do not so object to us in writing before you and/or your child participate, you agree to waive any and all claims against AFEC for the use of such likenesses in our literature or publications and the like.

Skill Building Summer Camp for Middle Schoolers – Mon 7/31 to Fri 8/4
Join us at a Virtual info session on FreeFlight – Wed Aug 17th or Wed Aug 24th at 8pm